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We Believe:

  • That men don’t want to be blamed for their problems; they want to be understood. We have a relaxed, conversational style of counseling that may be different from any other counseling you’ve received before. We want you to feel comfortable and confident sharing your story.
  • Men want answers. That’s why we work with you to find step-by-step solutions tailored to your specific needs. Don’t want to talk about your “feelings”? No problem.
  • Men are looking for mentors (or coaches, counselors) that can help guide them in life. That’s what Guy Stuff here for. You won’t hear any lectures, have to lie on a couch, or cry during a session (even though ALL your emotions are welcome!). We’re here to coach you along through whatever you’re facing so you can leave feeling confident and encouraged.

In addition to offering individual sessions, we also offer helpful seminars, podcasts, and support groups. Whatever your needs are, let Guy Stuff help. Check out our client testimonials for first-hand recommendations, and call us today to schedule your appointments!