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Couples Counseling

“Couples Counseling That Actually Works”

Do you feel your relationship is just average, or is it amazing? Are you happy with the current state of your relationship? Whether you are currently struggling to make things work or just wanting to build a solid foundation and have a stronger bond together, Guy Stuff at CCRG can help.

Couples counseling is one of the areas that Guy Stuff specializes in. Our approach is unique because we recognize the obstacles that keep many men away from counseling. Guy Stuff works to bring you and your partner together again. We can help you to turn your relationship from just average to extraordinary! Together we’ll work on problems that other therapists may not have experience in—problems like:

  • Porn Addiction
  • Extra-marital Affairs
  • Alcoholism
  • Dependence on Pain Medication
  • Communication Problems
  • Anger

Rather than making you feel more isolated through the counseling process, we work on practical solutions that will leave you feeling more connected than ever before. Guy Stuff’s unique approach will help you feel understood and heard.

Guy Stuff at CCRG can help your relationship whether you are:

  • Just Starting Out
  • Dating
  • Engaged to be Married
  • Newlywed
  • Married
  • Re-married
  • Blending Your Families Together

Whether your issue is big or small, let us help. Contact Guy Stuff at CCRG today.