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About Guy Stuff

Guy Stuff™ understands the specific issues that men face—issues that can be hard to talk about, seem impossible to overcome, or just plain…embarrassing. Issues like:

  • How to communicate better (“She just doesn’t understand me”)
  • Dealing with Anger (“Why do I get so annoyed all the time?”)
  • Addiction issues (including drinking, pain medication, pornography and more) (“I say I’ll stop, but I keep doing it!”)
  • Career Dissatisfaction (“Is this as good as it gets?”)
  • Enjoying work or hobbies more than time spent with your significant other (“Why don’t I enjoy being with her like I used to?”)
  • Noticing other women even though you’re in love (“Why can’t I control myself?”)

If you want answers to these types of questions, it’s important that you find someone you can trust, who understands your specific needs.

At Guy Stuff, we specialize in men just like you. We know that it can be hard to ask for help, and it seems easier to handle it on your own. There are subjects that are just too sensitive to bring up, even with a good friend. Let us help you.

If you are looking for career counseling, a relationship therapist or marriage therapist, or a counselor to help you overcome addiction of any sort, the team at Guy Stuff is here to help.  We work with clients in person in our Torrance, CA office and serve clients outside of the greater Los Angeles area via phone sessions.

Call us at (310) 530 – 7750 to learn more.